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Expert Drywall Repairs

Wallpaper Removal

“I’d rather have a tooth pulled than strip wallpaper,” said one customer!


Our process includes:


  • Remove wallpaper

  • Paste residue washed off

  • Entire work area primed


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– Jacuelina


We can make any drywall ceiling or wall surface look like new! Prior to new paint going on it’s so important to have the surface is in excellent condition. Good installation and finishing techniques are the keys to an excellent outcome.


Drywall repairs largely fall into two categories:


Surface Repairs (typically corrected prior to re-painting):

  • Cracks (from structural stress, often above doors and windows)

  • Nail pops and nail dimples (loose fasteners in need of replacement)

  • Small holes (removal of drapery hardware, picture hanger, shelves)

  • Separating drywall tape (structural stress and/or heat & humidity)

  • Scratches (pets, furniture movement, accidents, high traffic area)

  • “Lines” on wall or ceiling surfaces from improper earlier finishing work

  • Surface water stains (small leaks; drywall is intact)


Moderate to Major Repairs (necessary when there is broken or missing drywall or when the integrity of the drywall has been lost)

  • Hole from door knob

  • Significant water damage due to broken pipes or outside leak (drywall is not intact)

  • Electrical alterations

  • Renovations

  • Extreme heat/humidity conditions as in attics and garages


We use high quality primer / sealer on all repairs to hide surface stains and to seal the porous joint compound prior to painting. Primer helps to ensure an even surface appearance once the finish paint is applied.

Avondale Painting - Wallpaper Removal |  Avondale, PA

Wallpaper Removal

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Expert Drywall Repairs